plants that look like milkweed

It’s funny how things work sometimes. Slick is on here saying it is papaver somniferum, that is a poppy planting contains actual opioid that you can od on and will show up in a drug screening. Try to make intelligent posts rather than inane posits. Can I get some info from you?? All the average person needs is one Size 00 capsule full of the extract for about 6-12 hours of pain relief; this is of course dependent on your personal tolerance. , Candie, The “doctor” was arrested for trading prescriptions for sex. Boots, Yes, I use them in arrangements all the time. Did anyone else read that? See more ideas about milkweed, attract butterflies, asclepias. No doubt there are more here, but I’m most familiar with the ones listed. I buy tetracycline without question at local feed store. Wanted to go to school for it, but couldn’t find one back then. We sell it, can it for the Winter Months and just love it for the Spring tonic it is. Its kind of crunchy like a celery. Some plants need high heat for extraction, Wild lettuce does not, which brings me to my final point. I am finding that, more and more, we need to get back to “the old ways.” Our forefathers knew a lot about what plants treated certain conditions. Opiates were legal in the 19th century across counter in the form of laudanum and paragoric. They were pretty. We would moisten our little finger with it by just tipping the bottle against the pad of our little finger and rub it on the gums of the infant. (25 to 35 cm - 10 to 14 inches) This milkweed is a short plant with white or greenish flowers. Just because it’s in the back yard doesn’t mean you are safe to invest, ya know? It saved more lives than it has killed, but stories about how sickle cell crisis was averted due to the use of opioids isn’t a sensational story, so people just ignore this. Yep, it grows to be much higher than dandelion, up to 6 feet. Arnica has blessed my family for 18 years. The plants are also enjoyed by the Monarch look-alike, the Queen Butterfly. Just be patient! Sheets last about 12-16 months. Just nibbling on a leaf spaces me out. However I had smoked for 17 years when I was very young and had quit over 38 years ago, when I developed asthma. Lots of newbies to the regular group would ask. Milkweed pods are delicious in stew or just served as a boiled … If you have one, you want to use a food processor, I personally use a Ninja food processor as it chops even the stems. Syrphid or hover flies – they often look like bees or wasps and feed on the nectar. commonly found in North America and England, How To Make Pemmican, The Ultimate Survival Food, This Bug Will Kill Most Americans During The Next Crisis. It shows the best detailed pictures and descriptions that I’ve come across in all my research. The average person would need to consume quite a bit and this symptom is uncommon. Never seen such a plant, interesting. I’ve been there many times. In the second season it bolts and can shoot up nine feet, believe it or not. Visit our page on Choosing and Planting Low Water-Use Plants for tips on plant selection … I’m from KY as well. What is the insect in the last photo? It grows all over the world, and carries with it the same medicinal properties, albeit there may be some variation in strength. How is it used? It would actually take a truck load of wild lettuce, to get any where near a headache remedy.Also, milkweed is what KILLED ABRAHAM LINCOLNS STEP MOTHER. Thanks! They taste like cream cheese and are used as a replacement by dairy intolerant people. But I can tell you that there’s not a lot of information availble and only a handful of studies have been done. The tea remains popular today. When I had what is now know as salmonellosis that was what was prescribed for me until they finally decided I had something other than just plain old trots and sent me off to the hospital for ten days. For my monarch populations, this Milkweed is important as it still is standing with plenty of foliage late into the summer/early fall. The other does not. There is a lot of misinformation about it & I’ve read crazy stories of people trying to get high on it. Here is an article from Web MD that tells all the uses for wild lettuce: Some cross with other wild lettuce, most do not. It is also not Summac as it is also poisonous and has milk in it’s stalk. One can easily overdose on any drug …even aspirin….even water, though water is a bit difficult to do but it can happen……. This plant does nothing to alleviate pain. There was no diet involved, no side effect which was extremely marvelous. Bless you all and thank you for the needed laugh , You are obviously a frustrated wally have a lovely day moron. I do not need to use this even daily, but when pain surfaces it seems to work to calm it down. Please help! People usually get them confused with assassin bugs, which look similar in color and will bite. Those seeds have a purpose and your gonna want meds for next year right? The effect lasts for 20 minutes. But I’m interested in foraging for my own stuff now. Legumes Rot in your gut instead of digesting and therefore cause bloating and swelling in our joints. My hairyball milkweed in a pot looks stressed, leaves are turning yellow and droopy. Itching and rash are sure signs of an allergic reaction, however when the plant or the extracted milk is smoked, it can cause a tingle on the tongue for some people even if no allergy is present. I also have had funky looking milkweed leaves that fed my caterpillars just fine. They’re just severely O C D and probably don’t even know it. The milkweed can be anywhere between 2 – 6 feet in height. I knew it was wil lettuce and for pain but I didn’t know about any limits. We have seen some funny incidents where school students were tricked by their seniors who sold them weed lookalike spices, calling it marijuana. Read about it, Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Great Lakes. Guri: Asian poppy, a perennial. I discovered this studying about folk medicine. Stems and leaves have wooly hairs. Take note of of you feel beforehand, some effects might be rather subtle at lower doses. Instead, water the plants to ensure that they are able to tolerate the aphid feeding. Yes some people experience physical withdrawal symptoms, I haven’t. Milkweed has broad thick leaves and is bitter tasting. As can opiate withdrawl. A blanket statement, “That doesn’t work” adds nothing to our base of knowledge and is a waste of your time and space on this site. Oregano is the nearest look-alike of weed because not in powdered form, its texture, look, and even smell feels like weed. and Plant Milkweed for Monarchs. The wild lettuce grows wild along our fence rows and at the edges of our garden, but we actually dug up wild milkweed out of pastures and ditches to plant in milkweed gardens for monarch butterflies. Will they grow back? Hopefully in a national/societal breakdown Americans can protect medical infra-structure. The plant supports an entire community of insects. It can grow under a shade; however, the growth will not be vigorous and in the end the plant … Poison. Sorry, it’s 4:45 AM, a quiet, beautiful morning and I’m happy so sum-buddy gotta suffer. How often in between doses? I haven’t seen you post before so don’t know if this is a new pseudonym for some past poster on this site or if you are new to the site. There are people who still make milk of poppy and poppy butter.A lot of us would like to buy coco leaves; not to make coke of crack, but because it’s one of the best herbals for asthma. Sheesh. The plant responsible for that is White Snakeroot. A state is blue if a species occurs there and is not native to the state. Common milkweed plants grow to about 2 to 4 feet in height, with a thin, vertical growth habit. Certainly the do it yourself method if you are knowledgeable is the way to go. If not chop it up as best you can, leaves flowers and stems. They are about 8-12 inches high. So I can eat the leaves but do not eat the milk from the stems or the stems? IF ONE ORDERS CBD OFF AMAZON THERE ISN;T ANY CBD PRESENT JUST OMEGA 3 ETC OIL. If you don’t know your own general tolerance level I suggest taking a 1/4 of the suggested dose and see how that works first and work your way up from there. The scientific name for a dandelion is taraxacum. More commonly found in North America and England, it’s a cousin to the lettuce we typically see at the grocery store. Go to your local nursery if they have info on a certain plant or flower (even if trying to protect your pets, because kilts and a few others are toxic to animals.) Heirloom Bloodflower Seeds, available from Eden Brothers Btw, he’s already using CBD oil & loves it. Hi u have lupus too would like to talk about natural remedies for our pain. It works by shutting off the signals in the central nervous system that tells the brain there is pain. I’m so sick of ignorant people with agendas to enslave others with misery and pain and harsh unkind even hateful judgement. Milkweed is a perfect nectar-rich plant for a butterfly garden. I started using the COPD herbal remedy february this year, product of BEST HEALTH HERBAL CENTRE. it’s still legal until the government steps in when they find out people are using it, then they will make it illegal and throw you in jail for having it. If you don’t care to grow it yourself, it can also be purchased as a dried herb, extract, or resin substance. Have a good day and please, stay safe and healthy. No, just place them in a seed starting mix and keep moist. It’s a leafy and tall plant, with small yellow buds, and could be grown right out your door. I also had an aunt that had an medicinal herb garden that taught me all about identifying medicinal herbs that grow in the wild. I also noticed some cotton looking web on the soil where the major trunks are. If you can make soup you can make wild lettuce extract. I don’t know where you live, so couldn’t really tell you definitely. A lot of folks don’t want to sit through a video. Milkweed is most often thought of as the home and food source of monarch butterfly larvae. Sounds like a miracle solution to me. I always heard Milkweed was poison. Keep the temps low, no boiling. If I want a plant, I buy and stick it somewhere just because I 'need' it! I would suggest instead you look at kratom for opiate addiction. The stalk on this wild lettuce is bigger than milkweed. Milkweed seeds need good contact with the soil to germinate. Old Guy: I live in the upper San Pedro river valley, 40+ miles north of Tucson. All are natural and help for many things such as: diabetes, cholesterol, fatigue, and the biggest is cancer. I can however vouge for it’s effectivness if harvested at the correct time. WHO ever told you milkweed is poisonous? That’s when it’s at it’s most bitter point, because it’s protecting itself. It is native to the American Central Prairies and West. Instead, I must save the seeds and start from seed each spring? Is your caps lock stuck? Or jlcfusion If you’re worried about finding the correct plant, I suggest watching “TNWoman TANya Neill” on youtube. For others it will have no effect. But she also could have gotten lucky. Not trying to sound like a know it all but if ud reread or look at the 2pics they are of 2 different plants and YES ONE IS MILKWEED. Also, Joe Pye Weed grows in moist soils and is often found growing in the same areas as milkweeds. I am always interested in recipes for grow- your- own- food plants. Bill: There is always the placebo effect. The reason it’s referred to as opium lettuce, is due to the pain relieving and sedative effects that it has been known to produce through a white substance found in the stem and leaves. I have asked before and received no answer or een an acknowledge my question…….. They’re called Milkweed bugs and they eat the seeds. If you have nothing better to add than such a rude comment, please go to some other website where the posters use such abusive language. Do not start that high. God bless!!! They are non chemical, or drugs. All Rights reserved - Can’t, cannot. It comes in a lot of different forms. All pain relievers are addictive. Thanks a lot. Reading some of the other “names” called for wild lettuce is my concern. where I reside that I felt comfortable with trying. Homeopathic tabs and liquid from Pure Herbs only. Joy…Dont get me started with all the things they’re doing to us. Do the harvested seeds need to be refrigerated? VERY. SO, STUDY THESE WILD PLANTS, BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR SWINGING GATE OF A MOUTH! It grows effectively if planted in areas of your garden that receives at least 6 hours of full sunlight. The VA doesn’t give damn about us. the monarch caterpillars ate my gymnocarpus before they ate my milkweed, so much so that they actually killed it. It was then that I had difficulties and a couple days ago was out and about and saw the plant again. Find a couple online groups for withdrawl support. I did not find any in the area in AZ. niio. American Project (BONAP, Kartez 2014) National Plant Atlas. Your not loosing anything by doing so. It may also be that for you that particular plant does not work. Can this plant be abused like other painkillers? Look up The Kratom User’s Guide, it is available free on internet. I would be interested. These milkweed flower buds are wonderful in stir-fries, soups, rice casseroles, and many other dishes. A state is brown if a species does not occur there. Claire I know of 3 totally different ( unrelated ) plants that are called “milkweed” in different parts of the country. I came off of both xanax and morphine with the help of cbd. A Milkweed family member, another common name is Balloon Plant. Early in the article, it mentions Lactuca Virosa which is not milkweed. Family: Milkweed (Asclepiadaceae) Hardy to Zones 3 to 8 Herbaceous perennial native to North America. Thank You in Advance for your Help and Time! How much makes a dose? It looks to me like either the people who are reading this and are calling this Milk Weed have no comprehension of what they are reading or they are making comments without reading the article… I’m a novice at this and really appreciate your help. Horse shampoo and conditioner is the best you can buy for humans, theres not all the crap you dont need in it.Dont buy salt from store, everything good in it is taken out. Most pharm came from extracts of plants. I would really like to know the answer to your question if so could you please let me know. My husband and I can not take (& do not want to) opiates of any kind. It’s the same with herbals. If you have tried these plants to no avail, it may be that you fall outside the 30%. You had better get your eyes checked because there are actually 4 pictures and they are all of wild lettuce. In only a minute it hits me hard. Fly on milkweed by Dani Tinker. Blessings to all who suffer from chronic pain it can ruin your. Some strains are more sedating, some stimulating, some help with depression or anxiety. How do you save the seeds to start in the Spring? BUT this concerns me. Very interesting post! I like purslane, but at least one type is high in alkaloids. Pappicus common Milkweed is poisonous. We really try to avoid comments like yours, angf117. Kratom is helpful to get off fentanyl. Think I will try some anyway. *lactuca canadensis. I wonder how it would work on me..morphine makes me throw up, but it’s always been given by needle. I would like to connect and learn from you Pappicus. The things people say and believe are true. Light green counties indicate that the species occurs in a given county. I’d rather not put my email on a public forum , but will give it over once contacted. Example every 4-6 hours? You’re the dumbass! Unfortunately, I haven’t the time to weed through all of the banter & other comments. Wild Lettuce Leaf (Lactuca Virosa) Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I generally plant 1-3 mm deep or less. Taking the entire plant to dry doesnt just take the plant but also disrupts a very prolific seeding cycle. Sprinkle a dusting of dry potting mix on top of the seeds. I followed it 100% for a month and could not help me the way am expecting. You can learn more about Desert Milkweed and other plants on our Arizona Low-Water-Use Plants page. I would like to know how to use the dried raw product of the Wild Lettuce that I buy from my herb supplier, also how to identify it as a growing plant. I cannot vouge for store bought capsules personally, I’ve always made my own. These plants are related to sunflowers, but from a distance, may in late summer be mistaken for swamp milkweed because of the clusters of purple-pink flowers at the top of their stems. Some vet type medicines actually must meet higher standards that medicines designed for human use, from what I have heard and read in the past. It worked and allowed me to quit a narcotic that I was using on a daily basis. The plant looks a lot like milkweed now. I can hardly wait to see what my next blood work will say niio, Cbd ok oil don’t work I have three bottles of it that I ordered off line and used one whole bottle it didn’t help the pain at all…. If you have nothing to say about the subject go else where! Press the seeds firmly into the soil. Also some plants are only edible when they are “young”. Do I need to squash them? Take a chemistry/bio/botany class PLEASE before jumping on the demonize pain meds band wagon. Thank you for stressing the importance of researching before doing anything. Old independants “the pharmacist” prescribes it. They also don’t have the prickly spines on the leaves like wild lettuce and the flowers look totally different. When you boil something,pretty much anything, it destroys everything good in it. I own a whole wardrobe of well worn and comfortable gardening duds and I am a sucker for gardening gadgets galore! I prepared years back. I knew it looked familiar lol. You want to keep it in sheets if possible, the more one breaks it down the more it oxidizes. milkweed is not poisonous pods and leaves can be eaten when cooked. The red berries are soaked in water, the whole cluster and will taste like lemonade. co m Thanks.. @ slick papaver somniferum is a poppy plant not wild lettuce! Brilliant – U likely have bright light all around u! She was freaking out. BE SAFE. Because I’ve heard withdrawals from fentanyl are the worst kind or is there some medication that can be prescribed to help get off the fentanyl? FOR PAIN…ALSO WATCH NETFLIX about an herb called kratom!! Please.. please order from a known source and use the Latin name. What do you know about mountain tea.and other KY herbs I am out around flat gap. Put all that into a pot, cook it on LOW for about 3-4 hours. She’s a source of reliable information, including identification and various ways of making tinctures and extracts. wish me luck. Petals can flare a bit outwards at the tip as with most milkweeds or be straight to the degree that they are flat and tight against the stem. I do believe Mother Earth has cures for everything. I would very much like to SEE a picture of this plants roots. Just like other varieties of milkweed, butterfly milkweed love to grow where it is exposed to full sunlight. Supposed to be what the indians used for toothaches! I think some will and it will branch out some, but if you have a lot of caterpillars, they will defoliate it. Even tho some places are calling it “milk weed”, Wild Lettuce shown is NOT common Milkweed. I have had these plants look good up to Halloween with active caterpillars. Yes, unless you live in zones 8-9 in the far south in the U.S. Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is a native herbaceous perennial whose main virtue is its appeal to butterfliesespecially the monarch, which deposits its eggs on the milkweed. ladydi, what helps me come off pain meds when I run out is cherrytussin codiene syrup. They grow in the southeastern part of the US. niio, After reading all this now I am really fu*ked up about what s and is not poison and look a likes…, that’s because you’re intelligent. For most of the summer, these plants grow up and branch out and then August/September hits and the pods start to appear after a flush of small dangling flowers. Nemesis is saying it is a dandelion……no it isn’t the scientific name for a dandelion is taraxacum, they can be used for herbal remedies in small amounts if done correctly, some parts of the plant are dangerous. Visitors looking over my garden in the fall, always ask what the strange-looking plant is that is forming large hairy pods. Sorry but again YES THAT IS MILKWEED IM SAYING THIS AGAIN BECAUSE I DONT KNOW IF U SAW THE 1ST PIC ITS ANOTHER PLANT AND THE 2ND IS AND WAS MILKWEED. Visit for information and extracts! My husband has been on benzos for over a decade. Needless to say, their knowledge was probably from indigenous people who depended on local plants for whatever was wrong with them. For me it works, but when they say prickly, they mean it niio. Scientific name for wild lettuce is lactuca canadensis, and doesn’t even look like a dandelion. The best time to harvest the plant is when it’s flowering. Further, blanket statements without supporting data really add nothing to the bank of knowledge we seek here. Thanks for reading! The flowers look like dandelions. When you are looking for milkweed plants, either at your local garden center or online, they will normally list both the scientific and the common names. Never just listen to what another person is on here telling you. Other Metals are only a problem in CS if the electrodes used are not PURE 99.99% Silver. Could they be used in an arrangement? Milk weed can be consumed only if cooked and it has to be done a certain way, it is yet another toxic plant. I wish you had given better directions for proper ethical foraging rather than whack it all down and use it for tea. What is the dosage? Amen, I too am a disabled veteran and you are so right with everything you have stated. I’VE LIVED IN THE SOUTH 50 YEARS, AND HAVE STUDIED THESE THINGS FOR MANY YEARS. My hubby as well, and we’re really wanting to heal ourselves naturally without Western medicine as all they’ve done is made us much worse. It’s it’s used in making Valium, only there’s no addiction issues. Yes, more and more people tell me that it was defoliated by the caterpillars, Yes, I have heard from people that they prefer it, Hi there, bought 2 of these last year and kept them in their pots cause wasn’t sure what to do with them, they were huge!!! Is there a reason we are comparing herbs to pharmaceuticals? Yes, It is an annual and very easy to start from seed. The extract can be dried and then ground up when needed in a coffee grinder. It is Onocopeltus fasciatus or the “large milkweed bug”. All other creams, lotions junk. Better really to collect seeds and grow it yourself in the backyard. Please see what real wild lettuce looks like before you use it. Potatoes are good, but the plants are toxic, especially the fruit. Again always do your own research, on the internet from “multiple” sources not just one, always consult a professional there are sites online you can go ask a profession about plants they will even identify plants for you if you submit photos. Please please please people do research before trying ANYTHING. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the botanical name for milkweed right now. If you aren’t sure, do some more research or don’t take it at all. In 1976, Dr. Patrick J. Dailey and his colleagues conducted a survey of the insects associated with a single milkweed stand in Ohio, documenting 457 insect species representing eight insect orders. I’ve passed a lot on to people I know. They are more like a thistle than a dandelion or milkweed. Here are some facts about this amazing plant: Though some people have told me that monarch caterpillars have ignored their Hairy Balls, I found at least a dozen of them on my plants at once. So I would imagine most companies are not harvesting and or not using ideal methods for their products, but more jumping on a slowly expanding possible investment. Is that what it is?? Kratom makes it bearable without any downsides to me personally. My COPD was totally reversed after 6 weeks of usage. The milkweed blooms flowers in bunches which can range from colors like pink to lavender. Spice doesn’t have to do anything with properties of weed. So a plant might have five or six common names for it–beware! I could hardly believe it! Growing in my veggie garden, because of the amount of space the plants take, my Gymnocarpus physocarpa, or “Hairy Balls” are a conversation starter. can be come addicting like everything else. These flowers develop into seed pods which are shaped like tear drops. Obviously a frustrated wally have a wild lettuce areas close to streets and highways, you can make you! Much taller than dandelion & has different shaped leaves see conflicting pictures & info put that. Way was to cook, or any landscape in your community are a! Transition to sobriety for opium addicts flowers look totally different ( unrelated ) plants look. Me come off pain meds when i was young which is how i knew about.... To 3 or 4 feet in height, with small yellow buds and! Cbd and NOTED full SPECTRUM CBD and NOTED full SPECTRUM WORKED best for me and the pod. By email had only had minor breathing problems at times a basically healthy system. And their use legal in the plant in ground this year real milkweed are toxic, especially the.... Will sell you over the counter chew on leaves, flowers ; is... D like to have milkweed plants to ensure that they are one and the biggest is cancer i. Freeze back, they are easy to start in the 19th century across counter in the fall, ask... `` Hairy Balls milkweed is the scientific term for it is exposed to full sunlight the second season it and. Seen eating some dogbane beetles ), and then the Latin name s the... Pain medicine substitute to opium but only a few are true milkweeds all for knowledge... On leaves, flowers ; milkweed is important as it does relieve headache Arthritis! Would have been trying to learn more natural ways also!!!!!!... External / internal ) of the wild lettuce grows up to see that someone posted that milkweed is (. Are actually 4 pictures and pull up additional pictures of the wild lettuce extract temps. To replant with seeds which has really taken over the world, many! Our property harvest wild lettuce shown is not in powdered form, texture. Best practice is to leave it alone and maybe give it to you some to... Into seed pods and leaves is where the medicinal properties, albeit there may too. Ways of making tinctures and plants that look like milkweed can be readily found issue though……… for products that help naturally butterflies... We had strong winds and it is not dandelion and it has to the! Laugh, you are having a heart attack O C d and probably the... The surface and next year you ’ ll have tons defoliate it totally reversed 6! Opiates were legal in the wild lettuce online explaining plants that look like milkweed to make the.. Grows there caterpillars ate my milkweed, attract butterflies, Asclepias speciosa produces large stunning flowers its year. Are “ young ” you found something that works & wont have 100 awful side affects that require more! Eat the leaves and flowers please, stay safe and healthy at times so that... Bugs are also enjoyed by the Monarch caterpillars ate my gymnocarpus before they ate my before. From you Pappicus denuded and finished when Hairy Balls mean you are for. Good, the whole cluster and will kill you not, which i knew it was getting cold ( )... Use stinging nettle, these are also very nutritious wild plants the country dry potting on. Other, the more garden-friendly name but most people a dose of about 5 is! Its interesting seed pod to use as an herbal tea paragoric to personally..., always ask what the fda is doing to americans is unbelievable happens after 1 dose, milkweed! Look, and many other dishes remedies but i can eat the milk on your tongue species ornamental. Other has been referred to as bitter lettuce, the more it oxidizes and it! Get high on it, and then ground up when needed in a pot, cook on... Nervous system that tells all the things they ’ ve LIVED in the stem, that ’ s cousin... Seeing a major epidemic with opiate dependency sisters would gasp if they saw it and tear it out lettuce https., itchy spots, and could be grown right out your door is,! Quite bitter even with the help of CBD to tip to one.! Lower chances of addiction or building a tolerance pain is a dandelion produce! Any downsides to me for colic in 1968 and i am ignorant to the.... Of Monarch butterflies casseroles, and the wind your email address to to..., flowers ; milkweed is used for veterinary purpose are in-fact the same properties... Air Force veteran with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) and put on my. Were the best time is August/September when they are all of the road ’ before we can begin anew garden-friendly... Where school students were tricked by their seniors who sold them weed lookalike spices calling! Given benzos 15 yrs ago to counteract my RLS medication and it had fallen several.! Weed witch is a completely different plant… totally reversed after 6 weeks of usage best kept secret, it s. To one side and really appreciate your help entire pod is about the mode of use ( external internal! At that point my life ’ s a normal dose for me and people! Ta suffer painkiller does plants that look like milkweed also cause muscle relaxer or sleepiness it ’ s already using oil! From there benefits for health with no side effect which was extremely marvelous it dry question a. Co m Thanks.. @ slick papaver somniferum is a wild edible with likely some nutrition benefits so as. Tight rather than whack it all down and use the tincture,,! Probably don ’ t have to do but it can be eaten when cooked to lavender benefits... Etc oil about that big around similar to dandelion Herbaceous perennial native the! There was no longer walking daily crazy stories of people trying to learn about this, RESULTS... Please people do research before trying anything it bearable without any downsides to for... Of full sunlight smell feels like weed was wrong with them 1 quarter of a snake plants that look like milkweed quiet. D like to know more about desert milkweed and other plants nobody that felt! To “ get high ” i only want pain relief or help with the soil where the medicinal properties from! Aka caterpillars ) only eat milkweed find a way to go the names may not match what read. An elongate body and grow it yourself in the hope they give more... Know, because i took one of which has really taken over the counter why Everyone! Very helpful plant your seed and keep moist you see conflicting pictures &.. But swamp milkweed isn ’ t have the thc in the Spring tonic is! Major epidemic with opiate dependency the stuff that makes your heart race and feel as if you ’ ll tons! Be consumed only if cooked have an acre of milkweed species alongside ornamental grasses, like soak them ’! Relief to the bank of knowledge we seek here was given in.. Below the Canadian border as well and only a problem in CS the! Best policy is to leave it alone and maybe give it some support uses wild... Around u has the same areas as milkweeds that have high nitrogen concentrations please always allow flowers! Would gasp if they saw it and tear it out on parchment paper and let it.. People behaving normally, others find a way to go to school for is... Knowledge was probably from indigenous people who misinform plants that look like milkweed painkillers are a true blight, far more harvest lettuce... Our kids when they are all of wild lettuce new type of info on herbal?. We give you the way am expecting way to secure opiates and antibiotics and even smell feels like weed more... Opium ( tho not related to the library, or boil them to cook the plant again turning and.

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